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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Back to the Future! A return to the "GYM" Business

PART 1 A True Story! 
In December 2015 I threw my hat back into the arena of the “gym” business. The reason I am writing about this 4 years later is because of the immense emotional toll this took on my family and I. 

 For those of you that know me I’ve been out of the “gym” business for some time. My focus has been on primary and continuing education and event planning.  

I was approached by relatives who were interested in purchasing a new business and found a medium size facility in a fairly exclusive upscale area on the north shore of Long Island. 

On goes my consultant hat along with the idea I may have a home and place to build as “I see fit” (pun intended).  My relatives had owned other businesses in the past but they had no experience in the “gym/fitness” industry. Without tooting my own “horn” my expertise was the reason they approached me in October about this endeavor or so I thought.

I was both flattered and excited to be a part of this whole process.
What happened over the next 5 months floored me. I have had many experiences in the gym, fitness, education, training and consulting side of our industry and what looked too good to be true became just that.

My personal training business has been steady since hurricane Sandy but to be honest I have not been focused on growing that aspect of my business. I was maintaining a steady clientele, many of which had survived the storm (quite literally). I had just finished the FEI Eclipse 2015 event and was already focusing on the upcoming year. 

The timing was perfect and the ideas of combining a facility with everything I had been working on appealed to me on many levels. One which of course was a steady income and of course the idea that I could helm and rebuild this brand along with my "others". Kettlebell Spec Ops, Reality Personal Training and those with whom I was working and consulting with at the time.

In the beginning of November the homework began. I took every detail of the potential sale and started the evaluation process.I threw myself into this thinking I had the full support of my "partners/family".

In part 2 of this blog I will take you through that step by step process and the vision I had.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Man Behind FEI!


 Do you know me? 

David Bluman

For those of you who don’t know me. I’m the proverbial man behind the curtain. David Bluman. I am the founder and CEO of Fitness Education Institute. When I started FEI I was focused solely on connecting the parts of the fitness industry that I felt needed some attention. I have been fortunate that many of my friends and peers in this industry are brilliant educators. I myself still do personal training full time and will occasionally sub for a Group Exercise class. I too am a CEC/CEU provider for ACE and more recently AFAA. 

There is a disconnection between science and practice, between education and economy and it is and will continue to be my goal to be able to bring the best of the best to the marketplace. This means being able to bring presenters to facilities that may not otherwise have access or the means to go to see these great instructors at an event. Let’s face it. The cost of education, travel, eating out, shopping at trade shows has gotten out of control.
I KNOW that you the fitness professionals are selective at spending your hard earned $ on education. Thus I created FEI.

So what is it exactly that I/WE do?

I find host sites for presenters and find presenters host sites for their courses.

I can “manage” the “newbie” and help them navigate the waters becoming a presenter and CEC/CEU provider. I can provide mentorship, consulting services, including all business planning, branding, marketing and design services. On some occasions I've managed and provided programming and programs for facilities and individual professionals. If something is out of my specialty I will connect the proper parties. 

I have the means to ‘HELP’ connect and promote these “smaller venues/facilities” with the presenter via social media, email and FEI’s website. This helps to build course, presenter and brand awareness for all involved. It’s building a Relationship and Synergism.

In some cases a facility wants a certain type of training or a specific presenter so I act as middle man. 

In other cases I have the opportunity to teach the FEI branded workshops. Courses I've written or co-written with others.

This year is our 3rd FEI Eclipse Conference!

3 days of Education. September 19-21.

Our focus – top notch education, affordability, consideration of your schedule, your income and our economy. 

Kicking off this event are Dr. Cody Sipe and Dr. Dan Ritchie with the Advanced Functional Aging Specialist Certification. For $199

Then our workshops and lectures with a HANDS ON PRACTICAL FOCUS on Saturday and Sunday for only $199.

One Day (Sat or Sunday) for $119

OR you can choose from a menu of classes at just $35 per class starting in August. 

Too often we are limited by our own classes and training to do a full event or a one day event so I wanted you to have the flexibility to work around your schedule and still participate in the event and earn your education credits!

I’ve brought in programming and presenters that are truly the top of the tops, along with some who you may not know, but trust me after taking their courses you won’t forget them. Many of them have been a part of my education and training!

SO join me at the Eclipse - Registration deadline is June 30. Go to and REGISTER NOW! 

In keeping with the industry needs you can put down a deposit of $50 and reserve your early bird pricing and guarantee your attendance. Details are on our website. 

See you in September! Don’t forget to follow me and FEI on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and to add this blog to your RSS feed and/or follow me here!

I look forward to meeting each and every one of you!

David Bluman

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Does Exercise Prevent Colon Cancer?


Colorectal cancer has been one of the most extensively studied cancers in relation to physical activity, with more than 50 studies examining this association.

Many studies in the United States and around the world have consistently found that adults who increase their physical activity, either in intensity, duration, or frequency, can reduce their risk of developing colon cancer by 30 to 40 percent relative to those who are sedentary regardless of body mass index (BMI) with the greatest risk reduction seen among those who are most active.

Fitness Pros: Change the Culture of Cancer Care


Cancer touches all of us. We all know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer:  a friend, family member or perhaps even you.

The numbers are sobering: 1 in 26 Americans is a cancer survivor. In other words, 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women who will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. In 2013, about 580,350 Americans are expected to die of cancer, almost 1,600 people per day.

Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the US, exceeded only by heart disease. Advances in treatment, including laparoscopic surgery and image-guided radiation therapy, have led to a growing population of over 14 million survivors.

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