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Monday, April 28, 2014

Mentors Matter TWO!

By Chris Cooper

What exactly is a mentor?  It’s a person, usually more experienced than yourself, who trains, educates, and/or guides you through the same field.  An advisor.  

Having a mentor has been an invaluable asset to my career as not only a personal trainer, but as a blooming presenter/educator in the fitness industry.  So right off the bat, I am going to recommend finding a mentor that can guide you through whatever career it is you want.  They will be able to elevate your capabilities as a professional to a level that you didn’t even think of.  

So why is a mentor so valuable?  First and foremost, they have a wealth of knowledge and experience that can guide you through your career.  In a way they are another teacher/professor for you to learn from.  Think of it as a course that has no end and is always evolving.  Topics that could be touched on could include:

  • Avoiding certain mistakes/pitfalls
  • Teaching what works/doesn’t work
  • Guide you to new endeavors
  • Push your limits
In much of the same way a trainer pushes their clients past certain limits, a mentor will do the very same thing.  

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Man Behind FEI!


 Do you know me? 

David Bluman

For those of you who don’t know me. I’m the proverbial man behind the curtain. David Bluman. I am the founder and CEO of Fitness Education Institute. When I started FEI I was focused solely on connecting the parts of the fitness industry that I felt needed some attention. I have been fortunate that many of my friends and peers in this industry are brilliant educators. I myself still do personal training full time and will occasionally sub for a Group Exercise class. I too am a CEC/CEU provider for ACE and more recently AFAA. 

There is a disconnection between science and practice, between education and economy and it is and will continue to be my goal to be able to bring the best of the best to the marketplace. This means being able to bring presenters to facilities that may not otherwise have access or the means to go to see these great instructors at an event. Let’s face it. The cost of education, travel, eating out, shopping at trade shows has gotten out of control.
I KNOW that you the fitness professionals are selective at spending your hard earned $ on education. Thus I created FEI.

So what is it exactly that I/WE do?

I find host sites for presenters and find presenters host sites for their courses.

I can “manage” the “newbie” and help them navigate the waters becoming a presenter and CEC/CEU provider. I can provide mentorship, consulting services, including all business planning, branding, marketing and design services. On some occasions I've managed and provided programming and programs for facilities and individual professionals. If something is out of my specialty I will connect the proper parties. 

I have the means to ‘HELP’ connect and promote these “smaller venues/facilities” with the presenter via social media, email and FEI’s website. This helps to build course, presenter and brand awareness for all involved. It’s building a Relationship and Synergism.

In some cases a facility wants a certain type of training or a specific presenter so I act as middle man. 

In other cases I have the opportunity to teach the FEI branded workshops. Courses I've written or co-written with others.

This year is our 3rd FEI Eclipse Conference!

3 days of Education. September 19-21.

Our focus – top notch education, affordability, consideration of your schedule, your income and our economy. 

Kicking off this event are Dr. Cody Sipe and Dr. Dan Ritchie with the Advanced Functional Aging Specialist Certification. For $199

Then our workshops and lectures with a HANDS ON PRACTICAL FOCUS on Saturday and Sunday for only $199.

One Day (Sat or Sunday) for $119

OR you can choose from a menu of classes at just $35 per class starting in August. 

Too often we are limited by our own classes and training to do a full event or a one day event so I wanted you to have the flexibility to work around your schedule and still participate in the event and earn your education credits!

I’ve brought in programming and presenters that are truly the top of the tops, along with some who you may not know, but trust me after taking their courses you won’t forget them. Many of them have been a part of my education and training!

SO join me at the Eclipse - Registration deadline is June 30. Go to and REGISTER NOW! 

In keeping with the industry needs you can put down a deposit of $50 and reserve your early bird pricing and guarantee your attendance. Details are on our website. 

See you in September! Don’t forget to follow me and FEI on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and to add this blog to your RSS feed and/or follow me here!

I look forward to meeting each and every one of you!

David Bluman

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Saturday, June 30, 2012


I recently had a conversation with a young Personal Trainer who was clearly filled with passion and enthusiasm for his new career.

Having been there, I saw immediately the pitfall he was heading towards. 

Excitement is noble and helps a Fitness professional remain committed to those we serve. But when it is racked by inexperience , and not tempered through guidance... there's little chance of avoiding common mistakes.

Here's how to offer a hand to young trainers...without the hand holding.

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