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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Back to the Future! A return to the "GYM" Business

PART 1 A True Story! 
In December 2015 I threw my hat back into the arena of the “gym” business. The reason I am writing about this 4 years later is because of the immense emotional toll this took on my family and I. 

 For those of you that know me I’ve been out of the “gym” business for some time. My focus has been on primary and continuing education and event planning.  

I was approached by relatives who were interested in purchasing a new business and found a medium size facility in a fairly exclusive upscale area on the north shore of Long Island. 

On goes my consultant hat along with the idea I may have a home and place to build as “I see fit” (pun intended).  My relatives had owned other businesses in the past but they had no experience in the “gym/fitness” industry. Without tooting my own “horn” my expertise was the reason they approached me in October about this endeavor or so I thought.

I was both flattered and excited to be a part of this whole process.
What happened over the next 5 months floored me. I have had many experiences in the gym, fitness, education, training and consulting side of our industry and what looked too good to be true became just that.

My personal training business has been steady since hurricane Sandy but to be honest I have not been focused on growing that aspect of my business. I was maintaining a steady clientele, many of which had survived the storm (quite literally). I had just finished the FEI Eclipse 2015 event and was already focusing on the upcoming year. 

The timing was perfect and the ideas of combining a facility with everything I had been working on appealed to me on many levels. One which of course was a steady income and of course the idea that I could helm and rebuild this brand along with my "others". Kettlebell Spec Ops, Reality Personal Training and those with whom I was working and consulting with at the time.

In the beginning of November the homework began. I took every detail of the potential sale and started the evaluation process.I threw myself into this thinking I had the full support of my "partners/family".

In part 2 of this blog I will take you through that step by step process and the vision I had.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Adding Bulk to Your Fitness Business IQ


Pros know what it takes to develop their own unique shape. But when it comes to the shape of a healthy career, there is often little
meat on the bone

Given recent news, it’s not due to a dying industry. Recent reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and IHRSA reflect 44% growth over the past ten years with anticipation for even higher number coming over the next few years.

Industry growth aside, it appears there may be a hole in how we train, maintain and promote our own.

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