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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

5 Exercises (For Older Adults)

Guest Post By: Cody Sipe, PhD

"I’m often asked what the best exercises are for older adults. I always reply “best for what?  

I’ve researched, studied and tested more exercises than I care to remember to try and figure out which ones are the best for improving physical function.  

It is difficult to make an absolute list because the best exercise for an older adult is determined by their current needs and abilities.  

However, after two decades of training older adults there are several that have risen to the top of my list because they offer a multitude of benefits for clients, can be easily modified or varied, and can be used with a wide range of functional levels.  Here are a few that you’ve just got to try.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Top 11 Reasons to Train Older Adults


I’ve spent the past 20 years focusing on older adult exercise. I’ve learned a lot during that time, especially when it comes to why I do it. 

Mainly it’s because I love it which is why I've stayed with this niche group for so long and why I plan on continuing to work with seniors. After all, if you've got to work 40+ hours per week it better be doing something you absolutely love or you are going to plod through life miserable. 

If you have been thinking of making the break and specializing in fitness for older adults then maybe this will inspire you to get off your duff and do it already.

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