Sunday, November 18, 2012

Moving Fitness Forward: 5 Fan-Favorite Posts

Post By: Robert Barcia Editor


Feeling suddenly stumped about how to curb your business cravings? 

Looking for a healthy snack to take your exercise entrepreneurship up a notch?   

To keep your saiety and your sanity, we've put together these five motivational posts containing a selection of training tips, spring-loaded exercise variations, power-packed career insights, rocking research, and inspiring videos designed to help you get your business back on track as the year marches on.

Happy reading!

# 1:  The Mature Market: Why Baby Boomers are Good for Business

Ah, Baby Boomers.  They're here. They've got the money. And they're interested in staying healthy. So why is the segment of the marketplace often overlooked entirely by the fitness industry? And what should one do to tap into this ever growing market? Dan R, PhD gives shares an  about training the young at heart.

# 2:  Mentors Matter, Especially in Personal Training

David Bluman, Founder of the Fitness Education Institute shares a personal interaction with a new, doe-eyed trainer. He also shares his personal views on what makes training so darn personal.

# 3:  5 Exercise (For Older Adults)

Cody Sipe, Phd offers a small - but powerful -  selection of exercises he loves to use with older clients.  For access to the full selection of moves for mature adults, check out the full Booming PT Profits program.

# 4:  Applied Plyometrics: Insights From Below the Iceberg's Tip

Every practitioner has heard the promises of plyometric training to provide the link between strength in the weight room and speed on the field.  Although plyometrics has been around for decades, many coaches and trainers still remain misinformed on how to properly incorporate plyometrics into their athlete and client training plans.

# 5:  [VIDEO] Fitness Film Friday
It's easy to see why we love films of an athletic nature. Celebrating the same spirit, we've selected a few favorite mini-movie marvels. If you're a fit-pro or a fit fan, you'll fall in love with these fit-films, starting with AMBITION.

Whether through these posts or the some other form of personal inspiration, always remind yourself of how - and why - you've chosen to stay healthy and make your career move (all year long.)


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