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"News for Fitness Pros.  Our weekly round-up of fitness stories that are fit to print."  

  RESEARCH NOTES  Learning? Don't leave out the Exercise.
Educators like our very own "Primal Pete" Trapani know that exercise boosts brain power. And not just intellectual power needed for the written section of the certification exam. Researchers reveal how exercise executed in a particular pattern enables us to store and recall key motor motor patterns of varying duration throughout the lifespan. (Muscle memory and motor memory are the same.) No answer yet to a far larger question: "Will exercise ever help to find our keys, marbles, or patience?" (sigh)  [ny times - well]
  EXERCISE ID  Quick Look at High Intensity Training [InfoGraphic] *
This easy info archive covers interval basics alongside history of training's well known hit. With definitions of afterburn and Tabata to ignite your excitement, this tool offers insights to help explain the program to a client. Or managers may wish to post the visual in a break room as a staff resource. It's always comforting to learn that the "afterburn" isn't just an airplane thingy-ma-jigy!  [cybex blog]  +  Health and Fitness News & Tips at Greatist.

      NOTEWORTHY  November is American Diabetes Month (
      GOING GREEN   How to Practice Like a Pro Golfer (
      RUNNING DROID?   LifeFitness Adds Android to Machines (
      FIT & FIFTY+ Fitness Pros Do Not Understand AdultEx (

*This information does not necessarily reflect the scientific research and positions of Fitness Education Institute. Be sure to learn proper programming practices from a credible source (with an approved instructor) before attempting this or any new training protocol p with a client. FEI has not confirmed the original authors data or methods and makes no guarantees to the safety or accuracy of the findings as published.

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