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Monday, April 21, 2014

Meet the Presenters FEI Eclipse 2014

Carolyn Appel MS CSCS  FEI ECLIPSE 2014 Introductions

I began an informal investigation into the power of mistakes as a teenage competitive tennis player. Instead of throwing my racket or cursing a mistake, like many of my opponents, I would search for clues in an errant shot to help me improve. So, if I hit a forehand into the net, I would conclude that my shot was too flat and I needed to use more topspin the next time. While I couldn't always execute the perfect forehand, I had pre-programmed my brain to establish more high-percentage shots based on previous mistakes.

It wasn't until I studied error-detection in graduate school that I learned the theory behind my on-court analysis. Now, as a trainer, I have figured out how to apply those same concepts to my clients, so that they can become good error-detectors and solve movement challenges without my feedback, creating more independent, resourceful people.

In my presentation, I will dig into the science of learning, the power of mistakes, and offer specific applications of intrinsic and extrinsic feedback systems to help you create clients who are better able to assess and correct their performances. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

[VIDEO] Fitness Film Friday

A League of Their Own 
(1992), Madonna
Fit films inspire fitness fans and pros in more ways than one.  

It's easy to see why we love films of an athletic nature.  Rocky made us cheer. We will always recall Remember the Titans (how could ever forget?) Another movie etched as deeply in our memories, A League of Their Own, made us pause when Madonna went all the way...around all the bases. (Yes, actual bases, not the naughty kind!)   

Celebrating the same spirit, we've selected a few favorite mini-movie marvels. If you're a fit pro or a fit fan, you'll fall in love with these fit-films, starting with PUSH PULL.  (Sigh)  >    TWEET THIS

Tapping into the battle of human vs. machine, this video shows the intensity of the road and the power of the body to win. NOTE: It's a slow starter, but explodes at 0:32. >    TWEET THIS

ABOUT:  PUSH PULL (via VIMEO), Landis Fields

Fit-Mom Fitness: baby bodies be damned as these fit female heros work-it-out!  Here's why professionals need to understand niche demographics, and the power behind groups possessing jam packed at-home time and discretionary income.  Also, the power of family and the role of Mom on keeping families happy and healthy.  >    TWEET THIS

Homefront Heroes at The Military Sports Camp Exercising right is a right, and thanks to these heroes, it's a right we can all freely exercise. Check out these wounded warriors who share spirit that wins over all who watch.  >    TWEET THIS

Support Wounded Warriors Today: Homefront Heroes, Wounded Warrior Project.


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