Tuesday, March 19, 2013

[Guest Post] Do your knees ever bother you?


Do your knees ever bother you? If you're like me you probably avoid certain exercises because they can cause annoying and nagging soreness during or after your workout.  

Or if your not like me you might just avoid exercising altogether (also not good). It turns out we're not alone though. Over 36% of all exercise related injuries affect the knee. (Scary)

Keep in mind that statistic comes from people who visited the doctor about their aches. Most people probably just suck it up. If that's you, be careful...I'd hate to see it get more serious and lead to a major blowout potentially putting you under the knife.  

To help keep your knees healthy Injury Specialist Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal owner at Critical Bench put together some quick pointers for you at the link below.
4 Tricks to Stop Knee Soreness & Aches < ----- Tip 3 Is Unconventional --  DAN RITCHIE, PHD (danmritchie.com)

P.S: In case you didn't know this about me, I tore my ACL five Days before Robbie Hummel first tore his. Yes it was playing basketball and it was on a Purdue court. So I know about knee pain personally and dealing with a major knee injury, I tore my meniscus as a bonus. I am always looking for more tips on reducing knee pain and returning my knee to feeling 100%.


  1. For many people who exercise, going at it too hard, too fast, without building a solid base can have devastating long term effects. I think that's partly what happens when you dive into a fad training program that's supposed to be too tough to handle as part of the marketing plan. As well, unscrupulous Personal Trainers will strive to make you hurt, because many people don't feel like they are getting their money's worth otherwise. "No Pain = No Gain" is a lie. That being said, if you are damaged, get help faster so you can get back into the game sooner.

  2. I don't know if it this is normal but I have this experience when I was advised by my personal trainer to work on the treadmill. Doing it daily made me feel some pain on the knees like I started having an arthritis.

    1. Antoine,
      I'm sorry to hear that you had this experience. Your trainer should have addressed this and made modifications to much of your program. It's not normal to experience pain.

  3. As a skinny woman with bony knees and a physically demanding job, I KNOW knee pain.

    As an ex-ballerina, I also still do plies and yoga poses beneficial to the knees every evening. I recommend gentle yoga exercises for strengthening the knees and improving posture.

    Also, I saw the Bodyworlds exhibit at the Franklin Institute. It was shocking to see how much even a little bit of excess weight affects the knee joints!

    Finally, if one is experiencing major knee pain, I would NOT exercise until I consulted a doctor, and then a physical therapist.


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