Friday, October 26, 2012

[VIDEO] Fitness Film Friday (10/26)

Fit-films inspire fitness professionals in more ways than one.

It's easy to see why we love films of an athletic nature. Celebrating the same spirit, we've selected a few favorite mini-movie marvels. If you're a fit-pro or a fit fan, you'll fall in love with these fit-films, starting with AMBITION.  TWEET THIS

 [1-2-3 ACTION]


1.  Ronda Rousey: Ambition from James Gregg on Vimeo.


Ronda Rousey is the Strikeforce 135lb champion and #1 ranked female mixed martial artist in the world. Her skills, outspoken character and good looks have made her a super star. Her confidence and work ethic are what made her so dynamic as a person.  TWEET THIS

With the NFL lockout in place over the summer, some athletes were taking it easy, enjoying the time off, and some were trying to follow their dreams and be successful. Take a look into what it takes to be successful and be inspired.  TWEET THIS

3.  ARB Russia (The short version) from mimstudio on Vimeo.


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